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Big Things Happening In “Little Nature”

Welcome to Naturita, a small town that sits nestled between some of the largest recreation areas (Telluride and Moab) in Southwest Colorado. Once the epicenter for uranium mining, Naturita now boasts some of best year-round outdoor activities you can find! Naturita is the best choice whether you’re looking to hunt, fish, ATV/dirt bike, or hike in the heart of Colorado.

Here you’ll find information about all of the great things that are happening in Naturita. When it comes to natural beauty, Naturita ranks high among nature lovers alike. Just a short drive from some of the most renowned ski slopes in the world (Telluride) and red cliffs (Gateway), Naturita is the up and coming choice for all outdoor thrill seekers or a relaxing getaway set to a scenic backdrop of natural wonder.

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